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How To Kill Flies

      The war between humans and flies has been going on for centuries. Although there are some people who seem able to tolerate flies buzzing around and landing on them, most people find flies to be both disgusting and annoying. In fact, most people will go to great lengths to keep flies away. The list of devices and substances available to kill flies is quite lengthy. There are electronic bug zappers, insecticides, fly swatters, and a variety of fly traps employing different methods for trapping and killing flies. Obviously, many businesses offer products and services to deal with this problem and there is no shortage of do-it-yourself methods for eliminating flies. In this video a simple fly trap is shown which can be made out of common things found around the normal house. Just cut off the top of a plastic water bottle. Turn the top upside down and place it on the bottom part of the bottle after pouring some vinegar, dish soap, and witch hazel into the bottom part of the bottle. This improvised device will attract, trap, and kill lots of flies. Try it for yourself!


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There are lots of tricks that
People use to kill some flies
An arsenol of weapons
To cause their demise

Shoot 'em with a rubberband
Or chase them with a broom
They're bound to drive you crazy
When they're flying 'round the room

Get a water bottle
And cut off the top
Fill it with a few things
To make the buzzing stop

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