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      There are a few different Russian words for cat and КОШКА just so happens to be one of them! It's pronounced koshka with a long O sound. Although the song featured in this video does not contain an explanation as to why the woman in the song selected this name for her cat, she does seem to loosely fit a Cold War stereotype of a Russian woman as portrayed in a popular cartoon show from the 1960s. Many people are probably familiar with the Natasha character from The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. Although Natasha was not portrayed as a cat owner in that cartoon, it certainly is the case that people in Russia have pet cats just as do people in the USA, and there can be little doubt that they love their cats every bit as much as much as do Americans. Just goes to show that we are all more alike than different, despite our disagreements over geopolitical and social issues!


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She named her cat КОШКА
Because she like the sound
She plays with her pussy
When no one is around

The cat he like no one else
With only her he plays
But with him she plays often
They do it every day!

Her cat hates the water
He will not take a bath
A joke about the way he smells
Is good for a laugh

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