Wild Weeds
Clothing Labels

      How many clothing tags or labels do you have at your residence? Dozens? Hundreds? Quite possibly thousands depending on a number of factors. What's the point of clothing labels anyways? Sometimes they identify where a product was made or what company manufactured the product. Additionally they may provide information about how to properly launder or take care of the clothing item. Beyond that the materials used in the fabric the item is made of may be identified. For instance, a garment might be made of cotton, wool, silk, rayon, polyester, or nylon to name just a few possibiities. To communicate this information sometimes symbols are used, but most of the time words are used and sometimes the information is provided in more than one language. To sqeeze all that information onto a tag or label either requires that the tag or label be large, or, more often, that the print be extremely small. As a result the letters are so small that a magnifying glass might be necessary to read what's written on the tag or label!


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Labels on clothes, labels on shoes
What are they good for? What do they do?
Is the information useful at all?
Tiny fine print that's really, really small

What if people came with labels attached to their hides?
Details, facts, and figures all certified
No need to worry, no need to fret
A helpful reminder in case you forget

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