Wild Weeds
Pie (In The Name of Lard)

      There are those who seem to equate the social challenges faced by obese people with some sort of civil rights struggle. Most of us find this point of view to be preposterous and, at best, annoying. However, every now and then, especially on the internet or in a news clip, a person is featured who espouses this perspective on obesity. It makes no sense. It seems blatantly stupid, but there exists a vocal minority of individuals who actually take this stance. This song parody was written for those individuals who proudly stand up and declare that they are fat and would have it no other way. If they are willing to live with the health risks, then who are we to judge?


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One man eat an entire cake
One man eat a cow
One man eat more than makes any sense
No one knows quite how

In the name of lard!
Eat more in the name of lard
In the name of lard!
Eat more in the name of lard

Food police take your jumbo drink
Donuts from your hands they pry
Confiscate your chocolate cake
But they could not take your pie!

Jelly roll-o-o
Bacon by the bowl
Belly grow and grow / No self-control
Oh, oh, oh, oh!

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