Wild Weeds

      Leaves come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, textures, and colors. Put another way, leaf morphology differs dramatically from one species of plant to another. Observation of actual plants will quickly confirm each of these assertions. In fact, a very long list of terms exist which can be used to account for different aspects of leaf morphology. A few such words which describe leaf shape include: linear, oblong, lanceolate, cuneate, spathulate, elliptical, deltoid, and reniform. Another set of words exists to describe leaf margins (the edges of leaves), including: entire, lobed, undulate, serrate, crenate, etc. And then there are words to describe patterns of leaf veination, such as: arcuate, longitudinal, rotate, parallel, etc. Ultimately words cannot fully account for all leaf variation and so it's nice to have images available to document these differences.


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Leaves are born, leaves are made
Leaves will form, producing shade
Leaves are narrow, leaves are broad
The shapes of some are awfully odd

Some have leaflets
Some just don't
Some turn green
And some just won't!

Sprouting upwards from the ground
Budding silent, without sound
The sun comes up to start the morning
And new leaves just keep on forming

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