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Lice Live In Your Hair

      Dealing with lice is not any fun. They are easy to acquire, but not so easy to get rid of. They can be spread through clothing, hats, sheets, pillowcases, furniture, and other surfaces which come into contact with skin or hair. They generally like to set up camp on the back of the scalp in the neck and behind the ears. Once settled they lay lots of eggs and set up a little colony. Their activity in most cases causes itching in the scalp, but otherwise it's hard to notice them except upon close inspection. Getting rid of lice can be quite an ordeal. There are many remedies which are supposed to eradicate lice, but not all of them work terribly well. In fact, some of the treatments are a little bit ridiculous. It's best to stick with over-the-counter treatments that are available from pharmacies and to follow the directions meticulously and without deviation.


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Lice are nasty, lice are gross
And lice live in your hair
Combs and hats and scarves and brushes
You should never share

So small its hard to see them
And the eggs they lay
It takes a special treatment
To make them go away

But they'll return if you're not careful
So follow this advice
Shave off every strand of hair
If you don't want lice!

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