Wild Weeds
Lipstick on a Pig

      There's a tendency for the truth to get stretched and distorted and things seem to have gotten worse in this regards in recent years. A particularly disturbing trend has been the selective enforcement of Terms Of Service rules on websites such as Facebook and YouTube. Fuzzy definitions for what is considered "hate speech" and "fake news" have been particularly troublesome. When such rules are enforced against some people, but not others there seems to be something very akin to discriminatory censorship going on and when some people are allowed to use the platform to generate revenue while others are barred from the platform, it would seem that anti-trust laws become quite relevant. IMHO it's always better to err on the side of free speech and only intercede in cases where communication has exceeded the limits of decency, but like most things different people apply different standards when it comes to making these judgments and so it's not likely that this issue will be resolved anytime soon!


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A pig's a pig no matter
How much lipstick is applied
And when you're walking 'round a farm
Try not to step in fresh cow pies

Stretch the truth a little bit
Throw on a fancy wig
Pretend all day, but in the end it's
Lipstick on a pig

Censorship's a nasty thing
It stinks worse than manure
Call it what you will, but
It's discrimination for sure

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