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      Along with foods such as lima beans, peas, anchovies, and beets, liver is considered to be one of the grossest commonly eaten foods, especially from the perspective of many children. Of course, there are extremely gross foods of the more exotic kind such as Rocky Mountain oysters, escargot, pickled pigs feet, tongue, and, perhaps, scrambled brains, but of the commonly eaten foods in the USA, lima beans, peas, anchovies, beets, and liver top the chart when it comes to grossness. However, as with anything else, it depends on your point of view. Many people consider gelatin and hot dogs to be disgusting beyond what they can tolerate. Other often loathed, yet common, foods include eggs, wax beans, cauliflower, asparagus, artichokes, olives, pickles, and even mushrooms. Whether or not liver deserves to be included on any list of gross, disgusting, or loathed foods is hard to say, but there's no doubt that many people enjoy properly prepared liver and onions. As they say: There's no accounting for taste!


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Hunk of liver! Hunk of liver!
Cooked with onions so sweet!
Hunk of liver! Hunk of liver!
Is a tasty, delicious treat

In the hands of a good chef
A hunk of liver can be made
Into a work of art
With the right set of spices
And culinary skills
The taste goes way off the chart!

A hunk of liver can be a good thing
When it's cooked just right
A hunk of liver is the kind of thing
That could turn into love at first bite

I know you're probably saying
This whole liver thing
Sounds just a little disgusting
And we've all heard the stories
About how gross it is, but
The taste can be so myth-busting

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