Wild Weeds

      Rattlesnakes always seem angry when disturbed. Whether they're unfriendly by nature or easily frightened is hard to say. In any case they typically assume a defensive posture until a threat has passed by and then they quickly slither off to the cover of a nearby bush. Most often before coiling up they are stretched out in the sun soaking in the warmth, which may explain why they usually seem not too happy when thus disturbed. After all, they were relaxing peacefully and would have been able to continue to enjoy the solitude and the comfortable repose if not for the unwelcome interruption. That being said, interruptions by humans are probably fairly infrequent for the most part, although interruptions by donkeys may occur with greater frequency. Of course, that depends on where the rattlesnakes live. Most of the rattlesnakes I encounter live in out-of-the-way places where humans are not likely to be found except for once in a blue moon and it just happened to be a blue moon the night before I stumbled across this irate serpent.

HIKE PICS: Revenue Canyon (April 2018)


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Lowly serpent - Complain if you must
Lowly serpent - Who crawls in the dust
Lowly serpent - Who blocks my way
Lowly serpent - Please go away!

He who crawls upon his belly
Could be smashed to worthless jelly
He who slithers upon the ground
Should not just lie around

Lowly serpent - Take my advice
Lowly serpent - Try to be nice
Lowly serpent - You pain in the asp
Lowly serpent - Just let me pass!

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