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      Most years I post a New Year's Day video on YouTube. I've posted quite a few over the years and coming up with a new angle can be a challenge and so I often do a little research to develop ideas. After searching around on Google a bit I noticed that lucky underwear is part of the New Year's celebration in some cultures. The idea is to wear your lucky underwear as the old year turns into the new year and that doing this will bring you luck during the upcoming year. So, naturally, I then had to brainstorm ideas involving underwear and while doing this additional research I discovered that there are a bunch of chidren's books involving underwear. Some of them appear to be quite humorous and a few seem a little weird, but be that as it may, please enjoy this song and video about lucky underwear!


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Colors of the rainbow
A New Year's tradition
Does it really matter?
Or is it just superstition?

So many colors to choose from
What do they mean?
What color did you wear
Pink, white, blue, or green?

Stylish and lacy
Fancy like I guess
What color did you wear?
It's time to confess

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