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Pillow Lullaby

      Although the recognized purpose of pillows is to keep us comfortable when we are sleeping or lounging around at home, it is also the case that they may be used recreationally. Whether it's kids building a pillow fort, playing "pillow football" or just a good old-fashioned pillow fight, pillows are good for more than their intended purposes. Even more amazing are the many forms that pillows can take. They may be inflatible, filled with a surprising variety of materials, or formed out of foam or other soft synthetic substances. On top of that, they come in quite a range of sizes, all the way from small little sofa pillows to body pillows. It's hard to say where the line is drawn between pillows and stuffed toys, but one company has created something called Pillow Pets which sort of blurs the line between these two objects. Hopefully this doesn't cause the children who play with these toys to feel confused!


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Fluffy soft and comfy too
Some are green and some are blue
Fresh and sweet when they're new
Everyone should have a few

I must have a dozen pillows
Scattered 'round my home
Some are filled with feathers and
Others are filled with foam

Peaceful slumbers, restful nights
Blissful naps and pillow fights
Dreams of stars and flying kites
It's time for bed, turn out the lights

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