Wild Weeds

      People in leadership positions tend to be very good at making plans. The problem is that people who wind up in such positions are often very manipulative and so their plans often involve some form of deception. This is why so many people don't trust people in leadership positions. Whether we're talking your boss at work or politicians in charge of territories of various sizes, they all have one thing in common: They must persuade people to support things which often are not worthy of support. It could be that a leader needs to persuade hard-working people that higher tax rates are necessary to take care of unproductive people. On the other hand, it could be that support is needed to supply some faraway country with millions of dollars in funding for weapons for one reason or another. Regardless of what the issue might happen to be, leaders often must sell their constituents on policies which are not appealing for any number of reasons. Bosses do similar things on a smaller scale, but regardless of the size of the organization, leaders often resort to deception and other manipulative tactics to sell their ideas to their subordinates.


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It's important to have a plan
And the plan you have should be really good
You must anticipate contingencies
Do your best, you always should

You should pick a date in advance
Your options should be analyzed
Make a plan and stick to it
It's important to be organized

If your plan involves deception
And perhaps a few dirty deeds
It's a good idea to play the victim
And in advance to plant a few seeds

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