Wild Weeds
Has He Lost His Mind?

      During the early months of 2020 the field of potential presidential candidates was reduced to only three elderly gentlemen: Donald Trump (73 years old), Bernie Sanders (78 years old), and Joe Biden (77 years old). While all three showed some signs of cognitive decline, Joe Biden regularly committed gaffes which caused many to wonder whether or not he was pretty far down the road to senility. He routinely forgot where he was or who he was talking to. On one occasion he even appeared to be confused about the identity of his wife and sister, apparently confusing one for the other. Although any one of these verbal mistakes could be explained away due to fatigue or stress, the frequency with which these gaffes occurred produced undeniable concern as to Biden's mental fitness for any position of responsibility, let alone the presidency. To be fair there was some doubt about Trump's mental fitness for office. However, he did not commit verbal blunders at a rate comparable to Joe Biden. Of the three potential candidates, Bernie Sanders seemed to have the most solid cognitive abilities despite the fact that he was the oldest of the three candidates.


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There's no way around the question
Although it is unkind
But still it must be asked
Has he lost his mind?

Has he lost his mind?
Is he out of his skull?
Has he lost his mind?
Or has he always been dull?

He makes a lot of blunders
Which seem to be a sign
Bringing up the question
Has he lost his mind?

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