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Mirror Words (Evil Star)

      The English language is full of surprises. Although most words mean nothing when spelled backwards, some actually do. One category of such words are palindromes (words which are the same forwards and backwards), such as racecar, level, civic, refer, and rotator. Another bunch of words actually form different words when the letters are reversed. Members of this group include desserts, paws, stew, straw, smart, and diaper. A phrase of particular interest here is "RATS LIVE ON NO EVIL STAR" since not only is it the same forwards and backwards, but each word has a mirror word that it is paired with. Usually palindromes do not contain mirror words. For instance, in "NEVER ODD OR EVEN" the letters must be regrouped to form words. It may well be that the rats example is the longest palindrome containing exclusively mirror words.


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Most words mean nothing in reverse
And some are the same which might be even worse
But other words are special in a manner so absurd
Cuz backwards they are a different word

Like nuts, stun, bus, sub, raw, and war
And dam, mad, gas, sag, warts, and straw
But best of all by way, way far is...
Rats live on no evil star

And there's pets, step, pots, stops, parts, and strap
And tons, snot, snap, pans, pam, and map
But best of all by way, way far is...
Rats live on no evil star

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