Wild Weeds
Morris Was A Morsel

      A sasquatch has got to eat and although Morris doesn't last long in this little video, at least the sasquatch enjoyed a delicious lunch. Depending on the perspective we take this is either a tragic story or a comedy of sorts and, presuming that the school had security cameras, definitive proof should have been collected supporting the fact that sasquatches exist. Not only do they exist, but, apparently, they aren't actually vegetarians, as some advocates for the belief in sasquatches have insisted. Then again, it could be that the sasquatch that ate Morris was an exception to the general rule. Such things are hard to determine with any degree of certainty without a valid scientific survey being conducted, which is pretty much impossible to do when it comes to sasquatches. So, this leaves us with the question: Are sasquatches bloodthirsty, evil creatures or are they, just like any other wild animal, simply doing what it takes to survive in a world where humans are endlessly encroaching into wilderness areas, thus depriving wild creatures of their habitat? The answer to such a question is difficult to determine and so we are simply left with this song to remember poor little Morris by...


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Morris was a morsel
The sasquatch ate for lunch
And Morris was delicious
So the sasquatch wanted a bunch

Morris was a morsel
So delicious, yes he was
An appetizer that made the sasquatch
Want more, just because

So the sasuatch went to the school
Where Morris used to go
Before he became the morsel
That the sasquatch enjoyed so

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