Wild Weeds
Moth Balls

      This song was inspired by a hike up McGee Creek, located on the east side of the Sierra Nevada range, which I did during early July 2015. The weather was obviously not too good when I started the hike, but having driven the distance to get to the trailhead I elected to do it anyways. Although there were light sprinkles from the start of the hike, I made it about three miles up the trail before the first heavy precipitation began to fall. It subsided after a bit, but at about the four-mile point hail began to fall and pretty soon the ground was covered with crumbling little moth ball sized hailstones. I wound up hiking up to an altitude of 11,180 feet, about eight miles from the trailhead, to get a view of Little McGee Lake. The hail continued for quite some time and in many areas two or three inches of the little moth ball sized hailstones accumulated and it appeared as if a minor snowstorm had swept through the area.


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What's going on? What could this be?
I don't believe what I see
It's sposed to be summer, it's sposed to be hot
But right now it sure as heck is not

Moth balls falling from the sky
And it's the hot month of July
Sort of makes you wonder why
Has hell frozen over and do pigs fly?

It oughta be warm, it's the middle of summer
But this cold wet weather is a major bummer
It's not like I'm mad or full of hate
But Mother Nature needs to check the date!

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