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Mountain Hike

      It's hard to beat hiking in the mountains during the summer and there is no shortage of mountain ranges in the western portion of North America. Whether it's the Sierra Nevadas in California, the Cascades to the north, the Uinta Mountains in Utah, the Toiyabe Range in Nevada, or the Rocky Mountains stretching from New Mexico and up into Canada, they all offer lots of great hiking trails and opportunities to commune with nature and get some vigorous exercise. The combination of the flora, the fauna, the geography, and the absence of manmade structures provides for a refreshing environment which invigorates the soul and excites the senses, providing a needed break from the synthetic world most of us spend most of our time in. Whether one considers the benefits to be spiritual, mental, emotional, or physical, there is no doubt that a hike in the mountains is one of the best things a person can do.


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