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Nasty Weather

      On the literal level weather can be pleasant and weather can be unpleasant, depending on what we would like the weather to be like at any given time. Of course, when we speak of the weather it is often the case that we are speaking figuratively. For instance, speaking of nasty weather being on the way, may be a way of suggesting that some form of social upheaval will be experienced in the not too distant future. Specific forms of nasty weather may also be used to express various negative ideas. For instance, the saying "Into each life a little rain must fall" conveys the idea that everyone experiences some hardship in life. Conversely, the phrase "Looks like clear skies ahead" indicates that a threat has passed. Finally, the expression "Perfect storm" suggests a confluence of circumstances where the worst weather possible is produced. The song presented here is called "Nasty Weather." Feel free to take it anyway you want!


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Wind or sleet or hail or rain
Or all of them together
In any case most likely it
Looks like nasty weather

Storm clouds on the horizon
Disaster in the air
Nasty weather on the way
Life ain't always fair

Nasty weather (x4)

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