Wild Weeds
Nature Is All Around

      When people are in denial of reality and the natural world there clearly is a problem. Some things are undeniable and just simple matters of fact, but there are those who perfer to live in fantasyland full time. There are many problems with that and it used to be that being disconnected from reality was considered problematic. Now shared fantasies and mass delusion are the new normal or so it seems. It's good to get out in nature and see the world with as little human interference as possible. There's not a lot of true wilderness left on the planet, but connecting with nature can alleviate many issues which might otherwise build up and become worse. Get out and get some exercise and appreciate whatever plantlife is available in your environment. It's good for the mind and the body!


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From the sky
Into the ground
Nature is all around

Are you a human or an ant?
Are you an animal or a plant?
It ain't a choice that you got
You're what you is, not what you're not

Your imagintion might be real good
But nature must be understood
You might pretend, but in the end
The facts of nature do not bend

You might hide, you might deny
But a girl's a girl, a guy's a guy
DNA and body parts
Just take a look at what yuz gots!

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