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No Friend of Mine

      There are many kinds of fanatics in the world. There are sports fanatics, religious fanatics, ideological fanatics, movie fanatics, and an assortment of other zealots, extremists, enthusiasts, and devotees. The Cookie Monster is a food fanatic who loves junk food. He gladly devours large amounts of cake, ice cream, pizza, doughnuts, chips, fries, and all sorts of other food items which are known to not be particularly healthy, but the one food item which he prefers above all others is the COOKIE! And what's not to love about cookies? They come in a multitude of varieties and in some cases may even be almost healthy providing that sugar content is kept at reasonable levels and that saturated fats are eliminated from the recipe. However, health concerns are the least of the Cookie Monster's worries. He's all about devouring sweet morsels and so the more decadent the cookie, the better, as far as he is concerned!


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Rubber duckie you so bad
And you make me really sad
Cuz you no good to eat
You no make a tasty treat

You're made of rubber
And rubber no taste good
You are not welcome
In my neighborhood

If you were a cookie then
You would be just fine
But unless you change your wicked ways
You no friend of mine!

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