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No Gifts

      Christmas keeps getting more and more expensive each year since there continues to be an increasing trend towards giving high tech gadgets as gifts. Smartphones and tablets are fairly costly and it seems that most kids would prefer to receive one of these gadgets rather than some gift of a more traditional nature. Although Nerf guns are still pretty popular, it's likely that most kids expect either an Xbox or a PlayStation and a collection of games to go along with them! Some lucky kids are likely to get both game consoles, a dozen or so games, plus a smartphone, tablet, a few Nerf guns, and whatever else their spoiled little hearts desire! However, the kids featured in this song have no such luck!!!


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We kept a list the whole year though
Of all the chores you did not do
Surveillance vids all clearly show
Everything you did we know

There are no gifts beneath the tree
Cuz you kids don't deserve
Anything from Santa
You've stepped on our last nerve!

So quit your crying, try not to whine
You all messed up, you crossed the line
No gifts this year will you see
For you beneath the Christmas tree!

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