Wild Weeds
Thankful For Nothing

      People often fail to appreciate all the things they have, but they are even more likely to forget to be grateful for all the things they don't have. A life free of negative things is something to be very thankful for and the fewer negative things in your life the better. In fact, all the possessions and privileges in the world cannot make up for just a couple really bad things. For instance, consider how worthless a fancy car is if one's health prevents one from using that car. It's little comfort knowing that you have an expensive car in the garage if you are unable to enjoy the use of it. It's that way with almost anything you can think of. Of course, it's easy to lose sight of this when everything is going well. At such times it's easy to dwell on the nice things you'd like to have, but most people tend to take for granted what they have and only think about those things when they are taken away from them.


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There are many things potentially
That may work out best for you
One might be the dinner that
You weren't invited to

Bad things may surprise you
Even when you're nice
Your scalp could be a playground
For a flock of lice

Some people always want
More and more of something
But it's better by far to be
Thankful for nothing!

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