Wild Weeds
OPRAH 2020

      Although Oprah Winfrey has indicated that she does not intend to run for president in 2020, many people expect that she will change her mind. Some have speculated that her running mate will be Michelle Obama. This could potentially set up a solid sixteen years with the Obamas as residents of the White House with Michelle serving as vice president for eight years, followed by eight years with her as president. There are many Americans who would consider this a nightmare, but there is a distinct possibility that this exact scenario could unfold. If it does that would mean that the Obamas will be White House residents for a total of twenty-four years when their previous eight years as residents is included in the total. So, even though Oprah is the topic of this song, the real story is that it is more than conceivable that the Obamas have many more years in the White House. Add on to that the possibility that one or both of the Obama daughters are destined to be president and quite a dynasty could be produced.


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Oprah is her name
And she is the queen
Of all the media
And the pop culture scene

Oprah has a chance
To defeat Donald Trump
His rating have declined
Into a little slump

She'll need a running mate
Michelle Obama
Their victory could cause
Just a little drama

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