Death Valley Plants

      An outhouse is not much more than a shack equipped with a toilet seat positioned above a hole in the ground. It is not attached to a sewer or a septic system. As a result, a heavily used outhouse can become quite smelly. There are a few ways to mitigate the intensity of the odor eminating from outhouses, but ultimately there is only so much that can be done. However, on the plus side, outhouses are much less expensive to construct than would be the case if plumbing were involved. Even though outhouses are extremely simple structures, there are many interesting variations when it comes to their design. There are also a number of interesting features that are sometimes included as part of outhouses and sometimes people can get quite creative with embellishments and adornments. For instance, half moons and stars are commonly cut out of the doors of outhouses. Of course, there are some outhouses without doors and some that are two-seaters, but that's a topic we will save for another time!


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A shelter from a storm, but not quite a dwelling
A place for contemplation that's not so pleasant smelling
You may have to share it with a rat or a mouse
But when nature calls you may need an outhouse!

A small, secluded place to take refuge from your toil
A place where body waste can turn into soil
An outhouse is a shack above a hole in the ground
But the wisdom hidden there is no less than profound!

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