Wild Weeds
Outhouse Saga

      It was on a Saturday a couple of years ago that I first noticed the hole by the Stone Cabin in Boggy Canyon. In fact, it wasn't there a week earlier. I wound up hiking back to the cabin the next day and there was a brand new outhouse standing directly above the hole. Since the Stone Cabin is only a mile and a half from my house, I hike by it quite often. A few months ago I noticed that the outhouse had been blown over and then, just yesterday as I write this, I noticed a rattlesnake in the three and a half foot deep hole that had been dug for the outhouse. So, at this point I have a couple questions: 1) Will someone eventually lift up the outhouse and put it back in place? 2) Will the rattlesnake escape from the hole? As they say, only time will tell!


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First there was a hole and then
There was an outhouse
Standing proudly for a couple years
And then the winds blew and
Knocked it right over
Or at least that's how it appears

A snake somehow fell into the hole
And now he's kinda stuck
There must be a lesson to be learned
Or maybe it was just bad luck

If the snake is lucky
A rodent just might
Fall into the hole
Or maybe an escape tunnel
Will be dug by
An unlucky mole

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