Wild Weeds
Forest of Palms
      Forests can be dark and scary places, especially at night. You never know what kind of evil lurks therein. While it is the case that the typical forest is not composed primarily of palm trees, such a forest exists to the east of Palm Springs. Should you elect to go and visit this most sinister of forests, be forewarned. Although it is safe enough to stroll through this vast and unholy cluster of palms during the day, few escape with their lives should they happen to remain within the forest after nightfall. Most perish, never to be seen or heard from again. Their remains decay and provide sustenance to these wicked palms. It's a neverending cycle of death and putrification, with the despicable palms ultimately absorbing the rotten flesh of their victims. The palms may look innocent enough during the daytime, but do not get caught in the middle of this forest after sunset least you join the others who have suffered a torturously painful demise as a result of their unfortunate decision to linger a little too long.

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Killer rats crawl down from the evil palms
When the sun goes down yer as good as gone
There's no way out, there ain't no hope
Yer gonna die, yer at the end of yer rope

Lost in a forest of palms

In a year or two some hikers might find
Yer bones in the sand and they'll go out of their minds
They'll freak out and then they'll lose their heads
And when the sun goes down they'll be as good as dead

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