Wild Weeds
Paper Towels

      Life must have been a whole lot messier before the invention of paper towels! In fact, along with toilet paper and facial tissue, paper towels have made life a lot cleaner! These useful and convenient paper products deserve special musical recognition for the way they have enriched our lives. For this reason I sing their praises!!! LOL

      Of course, there are the naysayers who will insist that paper towels, along with toilet paper and facial tissue, are not environmentally friendly enough for them. To these people I say, "Go hug a tree!" Although, I more than qualify as an official tree-hugger, I'm not a fanatic and I'm not unreasonable about it. It's fine to be concerned about the environment, but it's not okay to be a jerk about it!!! LOL


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Stuff falls onto the table
And stuff gets spilled on the floor
More stuff gets sprayed on the window
And stuff gets wiped on the door

Life can be so messy
Like a herd of clumsy cows
When you're out of paper towels!

Stuff can fog up your glasses
And stuff can mess up your clothes
Stuff might ruin your sofa
Or drip right out of your nose

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