Wild Weeds
The Pirate Code

      The term "hacker" is used to describe a wide variety of individuals, but the essential element shared by all is a strong interest in computer systems. Hackers may turn their attention to personal computers, cell phones, game consoles, computer networks, or just about anything else which uses some form of digital technology. They may be casual hobbyists or they may be serious programmers. They may merely be simply curious or they may seek to create innovative extensions of various forms of technology, and, of course, a small minority may become involved in various criminal activities which exploit technology in some way. In fact, the first thing most non-hackers probably think of when they hear the term hacker is illegal exploits involving the use of some form of technology. Indeed, the pirates featured in the song included in the video presented on this page are hackers of the nefarious kind, intent on exploiting the weaknesses of computer systems in order to satisfy their greed without consideration for the welfare of others.


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We're pirates sailing the ocean blue
And we might know a thing or two
'Bout code and we just love to hack
We might be planning an attack

We'll hack your car, we'll hack your phone
Then leave you stranded and alone
We'll steal the numbers on your card
And spend your money, it won't be hard

We'll exploit every little blunder
We take control and then we plunder
Firewalls won't slow us down
We laugh at that dumb Windows clown

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