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      Thanksgiving is a tough time to be a turkey and it should come as no surprise that turkeys everywhere would like to see a few alterations made to the traditional way that Thanksgiving is celebrated. Actually, they'd be pretty pleased with just one single major change. In fact, all they ask is that people give peas (or any other food, for that matter) a chance and eliminate the holiday bird from the menu. Turkeys feel that they've basked in the limelight of Thanksgiving stardom long enough and would like to move aside and allow some other food item to enjoy the glory of being the featured food on the holiday table. Generous by nature, turkeys would like to retire completely and let other foods have the opportunity to participate more fully in the annual festivities. One idea is to give peas center stage so that peas can finally receive the recognition and attention that they truly deserve!


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Every single Thanksgiving feast
I feel thankful to say the least
Oh my gosh, I gotta say
I thank the Lord for peas today

I'll take a pile
Always make me smile
Raw, canned, or cooked
Gosh darn, I'm hooked

I'll take some more
Bouncing on the floor
Make me wanna dance
Give peas a chance!

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