Wild Weeds
The Pleasure of Peas

      Many celebrities have extolled the pleasure of peas and it is about time that peas get the attention and credit that they deserve. Not only do peas deserve a place on the table during the annual Thanksgiving Feast enjoyed in most households in the USA during the month of November, but they deserve to be featured as the main dish. On top of that, the versatility of peas should be highlighted by presenting only side dishes featuring peas as well. There is no other food worthy of sharing the table with peas! Don't believe me? Listen to what famous celebrities said about peas:

John Lennon - Give Peas A Chance!
The Rolling Stones - I Just Need Me Some Peas!
Cat Stevens - Peas Train
Curtis Mayfield - We Gotta Have Peas!
Elvis Costello - What's So Funny 'Bout Peas?


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Don't be sentimental
Don't hang on to the past
Make T-Day this year
Better than the last

Skip the turkey for
A change this year
Make the pumpkin pie

For T-Day this year
Delicious ecstacies
You deserve
The pleasure of peas!

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