Wild Weeds
The Pelosi Monster

      Nancy Pelosi has a rather annoying public persona. This negative public image probably has more to do with the way she speaks and her mannerisms, than with the policy she endorses. However, she has supported some rather unpopular legislation, offending both conservatives and liberals in the process. Rather than list her political positions item by item, the interested reader is referred to the WikiPedia article on Nancy Pelosi for more information. As for whether or not Pelosi deserves to be called all the things she gets called in this song, I'll leave that to the listener to decide! Post a comment at YouTube one way or the other to let me know how you feel about The Pelosi Monster!


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More hideous than a zombie
More slimey than a snail
She's a gross disgusting monster
Complete disaster fail!

Spreading gloom and doom and fear
The Pelosi Monster's here

And when it comes to ugly
There's nothing to compare
With those evil beady eyes and
That awful vacant stare

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