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PHONES: Can't Live With Them,
Can't Live Without Them

      For people who were born before highly mobile phones became widely available, cellular telephones seem like an optional convenience. For people who live outside areas with cellular phone service, cell phones are only useful while traveling. Of course, smartphones have all sorts of gadgets included in them and so many people who don't necessarily care all that much about the telecommunications abilities of these devices might own them anyways for any number of reasons. Considering the computational power of these devices when compared to early computers of the 1980s and 1990s, a smartphone is like having a computer in your pocket although the screen is a little on the small side! However, that being said there are plenty of reasons for owning a smartphone and despite negative comments regarding the impact on social skills, the benefits probably in most cases outweigh the negatives.


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Phones at one time used to be
Stuck in one place
Now they're everywhere you go
Always in your face

My attitude towards phones
Has been revised
It's a love-hate kind of thing
But closer to despised

The thing about phones is
They can be pretty darn handy
An all-in-one device addictive like
Some kind of psychocandy

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