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The Six Nines of PI

      Double entendres aside, it is a pretty amazing coincidence. What are the chances? Well, someone has actually figured that out and the answer is 0.08%! More generally, the probability of any digit repeating six times so early in a non-repeating sequence is a bit higher at 0.686%. In fact, the first 1001 digits of PI contain several double and triple digit repeats, but no four or five digit repeats and only the one six digit repeat which is the subject of this song! Of course, PI is a pretty amazing number which is one of the reasons that there is a special day set aside to celebrate it's existence and that day happens to be March 14th or 3.14 to coincide with the first three digits of PI. BTW, how many digits of PI can you recite? If you make it to position 762, the next six are easy!

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A sequence of six nines
As PI's value unwinds
Starts at position 762

PI is a number
Unlike any other
And you know there are
Quite a few

What are the chances?
Unique circumstances
Converge to produce a
Six nine randezvous

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