Wild Weeds
Pictures of Flowers

      The "Pictures of Flowers" video is a collection of mostly flower pictures that I took while on a ten-day trip through Nevada, Utah, and Colorado. The video provides a quick summary of the trip, although it's hard to really compress a ten-day trip into a forty-nine second video! As for the lyrics, I don't necessary stand by the assertion that the "best kind of picture is of a flower," but I would say that flowers would definitely make the top-ten list!


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You could take a picture of grazing sheep
Or maybe one of mountains steep
But whether dry or in a shower
The best kinda picture is of a flower

A flower here
A flower there
They seem to grow
In the mountains
Out on a hike
Tons of flowers
What's not to like?

You could waste a click on a snake
Or take a picture of a lake
But whether now or in an hour
The best kinda picture is of a flower!

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