Wild Weeds
The Pillow Show

      Pillows come in many shapes and sizes, but most interesting are the designs they are decorated with. There is almost no end to the patterns and items which can be depicted on them. They are like little pieces of art which serve a purpose. Some are so creatively adorned that it almost seems like it would be wrong to sit on them, but their purpose is to both serve as decorations and to help people relax in comfort. Whether sitting or reclining there are pillows which are designed with one or the other purpose in mind. Another important property of a pillow is its fluffiness and fluffiness is a matter of what is used as a filling inside the pillow and how densely the filling is stuffed into the shell of the pillow. The list of pillow stuffing materials includes beads, feathers, foam, seeds, shredded rubber, horsehair, and a few other suitable items. All in all, it is fair to say that pillows are form of functional art which are likely to be found in most households to some degree and which make all our lives a little bit more pleasurable.


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How do pillows help you when you sit?
Have you ever thought about it?
Do you take pillows for granted?
Enjoy the pillow show

Throw a pillow on the bed
Or throw one on the couch instead
Stack them high or spread them low
But please enjoy the pillow show

Comfortable fluffy filling
The designs can be quite thrilling
They're quite comfy when you're chilling
Enjoy the pillow show!

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