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Single-Leaf Pinyon

      The single-leaf pinyon was an important food source for Native Americans living in the Great Basin area. In fact, it was the single most important food source for many Native American groups. This continued to be the case for early European explorers, some of whom would have perished if not for the availability of pine nuts. Somehow, however, pine nuts became less important over time and they are only occassionally used as a food source by modern humans living in the Great Basin area. This is unfortunate since pine nuts are very nutritious and tasty. They are comparable to many other nuts in terms of protein content and they otherwise provide a variety of other nutrients. It should be noted that while the single-leaf pinyon (Pinus monophylla) grows in the western side of the Great Basin (and into adjoining mountainous areas), the Colorado pinyon (Pinus edulis) grows on the eastern side of the Great Basin. There are also several other species of pinyon pine, most of which are found growing in Mexico.


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Single-Leaf Pinyon
Pinus monophylla formally

Single-Leaf Pinyon
Grows a tasty nut that is healthy

Single-Leaf Pinyon
Is a picturesque and rugged tree

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