Wild Weeds
Pitch a Tent

      There are a lot of videos that get uploaded to YouTube that are much longer than they should be. Many people beat around the bush and jibber-jabber before finally getting around to saying anything of interest. Other video creators have the annoying habit of stretching out their video projects as if somehow long videos are inherently superior to short videos. Nothing could be further from the truth. Short, concise, and to the point videos are the best videos. Sometimes it is necessary to make a longer video in order to adequately cover or discuss a topic, but more often than not, the best way to improve a video is to shorten it and trim away the unnecessary fluff! Besides that, shorter videos show consideration for those who view the finished product!


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When it comes to videos
I follow this advice
Get straight to the point
Try to be concise

I'm not asking you to set up camp
And pitch a tent
Just thumbs up my video and
Leave a comment

I could ramble on and on
About some trip I took
Beat around the bush all day
Or rant about some book

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