Wild Weeds
Plant Hunters

      Although it may sound kind of tame and boring, plant hunting is an activity which requires stamina, preseverance, and an apetite for adventure. You never know where different kinds of plants may be hiding. The guidebook might indicate that they should be present in a particular locality, but the guidebook could be wrong! Some plants may be found growing right next to the road, whereas locating other plants might require a hike through forests, a trek through the desert, or a climb to the top of high mountain peaks.

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The deepest canyon or the highest peak
No obstacle is too great
For the next plant adventure
Plant Hunters cannot wait

Some plants are hard to find
Others are all around
But most anywhere that you go
There's plants in the ground

Hunting in the wild desert
Or in the mountains high
Plant Hunters will hunt them down
No matter where they hide

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