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Polar Bears Love Santa

      The most dangerous predator roaming around the Artic is the polar bear. In fact, polar bears are one of the few species of bears that actively hunt humans. So, this brings up the question of what did Santa Claus do to protect himself from polar bears? Well, it's a little known fact that Santa Claus at one time employeds grizzly bears to protect him from vicious polar bears. In fact, Santa had a small army of grizzlies standing guard around his house at all times. For many years this seemed to work since polar bear encounters are far and few between in the Artic. However, eventually a small group of polar bears noticed Santa's house and decided to see if there was anything good to eat inside. Although the grizzly bears managed to escape, the same can't be said about Santa. This song tells the sad tale of Santa's demise.


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Polar bears love Santa
Cuz Santa is so nice
Yes, Santa is delicious
With just a little spice
They don't want no cookies
No, they don't want no cake
They just want the real thing
They're not satisfied with fake

Santa's grizzly army
Ran away cuz they were scared
Cuz grizzly bears are wimpy
Compared to polar bears

A scrumptious Christmas dinner
The polar bears did eat
Yes, Santa Claus provided
Such a yummy Christmas treat

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