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Penguins Are Delicious

      It is said that polar bears, like most bears, will eat just about anything. However, it certainly is the case that there are certain items that they find to be especially delicious and although penguins are not naturally on the menu for a polar bear, those polar bears who have had the pleasure of dining on penguins find them to be extremely tasty. As most people realize, polar bears are found in the Arctic and penguins are found in the Southern Hemisphere with large populations in the Antartic. So, it is fair to say that polar bears and penguins are natives of opposite poles of the Earth. Of course, this does not stand in the way of polar bears enjoying the taste of penguins. In fact, it makes penguins a bit of an exotic delicacy for polar bears to enjoy. Indeed, penguins are a special treat which polar bears will go out of their way to devour and feast upon!


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Penguins are delicious
There's no doubt that they're
The ultimate in snack food
To a polar bear

A penguin is a yummy
Tasty little bite
A couple dozen and a bear is
Good for the night

Polar bears are willing
To go most anywhere
A penguin's worth the trip
If you're a polar bear

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