Wild Weeds

      Whether you call them polliwogs, tadpoles, or even wally-pogs, these little creatures are fun to watch and quite interesting, possibly even fascinating. Although there are several variations on the theme, the general pattern is for frogs and toads to lay eggs, the eggs to eventually hatch, tadpoles to emerge, and tadpoles to gradually transform into frogs or toads over a period of many weeks. During the general process of metamorphosis, polliwogs gradually lose their tails and gills and develop legs and lungs. Their appearance during this time of transition can be quite awkward, but that's part of what makes them so enjoyable to observe. They are trully one of nature's wonders!


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Polliwogs swimming in a spring fed pool
Hiding in the shade to stay nice and cool
Diving down deep and searching for food
Wiggling their tails with great amplitude

Gills turn to lungs and tails disappear
Lots of things change in much less than a year
Tadpoles swim around and eat vegetation
But when they grow up it's all carnivoration

So if you see tadpoles in a shallow pond
Wiggling their tails which soon will be gone
Remember that it's just a temporary phase
Nature is famous for her strange, strange ways

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