Wild Weeds

      It's almost absurd all the ways that a polygon can be drawn. Any collection of straight line segments on a plain that are connected so that the space within them is fully enclosed counts as a polygon. In fact, in two-dimensional space any collection of three or more line segments can be arranged to fulfill the requirements. As the song says, "So many ways not to be wrong!" Not unexpectedly, there are different categories of polygons including regular versus irregular, convex versus concave, and simple versus complex. Some easily drawn polygons include triangles, rectangles, pentagons, hexagons, octagons, etc. However, there are plenty of complex polygons that aren't so easy to draw. Indeed, the possibilities are endless and one could spend an entire lifetime dreaming up new polygons never before drawn by anyone else, but that would be kind of a crazy thing to do! Instead, please enjoy the song and video embedded on this page!


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Polygon, polygon
There's so many ways to make a polygon
Polygon, polygon
Ya know that they're so easily drawn

Everything you always wanted to know
But were afraid to ask
Defining the essential features
Is not a difficult task

Polygon, polygon
So many ways not to be wrong
Polygon, polygon
And now we're at the end of this song

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