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Biology Is Messy

      In the beginning people just pooped on the ground, but eventually they realized that burying their poops was a good idea. Over time various methods of dealing with poops developed with the outhouse being a major innovation somewhere along the way. Today we have septic tanks and sewage systems which use pipes to take the poops from individual toilets to a waste water treatment plant. At the bottom of the Grand Canyon at a place called the Phantom Ranch exists a cluster of buildings which include residences, rental cabins, restroom facilities, and a restaurant. The toilets installed in these buildings are connected to sewage pipes which take the poops people produce down to a treatment plant and at that plant the poops (and whatever else winds up in the sewage) gets processed and then ultimately put into drying beds and then packaged up to be flown out of the pristine park to a landfill somewhere. It's a messy job, but someone's gotta do it!


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People must relieve themselves wherever they may go
Even while out camping by the Colorado
They cannot hold it in, they have to let it loose
And something must be done with all the waste that they produce

Biology is messy and so is stinky dung
And people make a lot of it, whether old or young
It doesn't really matter who or what or how
Everybody poops just like a pig or cow

So methods must exist to deal with all those poops
Especially where people gather in large groups
The volume they produce is nothing short of great
It's a challenge to devise ways to decontaminate

Tampons, dental floss, and condoms
Kitchen waste and random crayons
All get ground to tons of sludge
And flown out once it's dried

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