Wild Weeds
Pork Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

      Claims have been made that beauty standards change over time and that's probably true. However, some of the evidence is suspect. Often examples of obese women in art from the past are asserted to be evidence to support the claim that at one time obese women were considered to be attractive. It's much more likely that rich women were able to afford to pay artists to paint their portraits and that more slender women have always been considered to be more attractive. In any case there is an odd cultural tendency to consider nudes featuring slender women to be erotic, whereas nudes of fat women are seen as a form of comedy. It's difficult to say how maliable beauty standards actually are, but it very likely that they are far less changable than so-called "woke" individuals believe them to be.


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The swimsuit issue is available now
Full of hippos, elephants, pigs, and cows
It's a fat fest like you've never seen
Featuring obesity to the extreme

If you like to look at
Adipose tissue (get the)
Pork Illustrated
Swimsuit issue

Overweight women shouldn't wear a g-string
Fat acceptance is a stupid thing
Stop over-eating and do some exercise
No excuses, thin down them thighs

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