Wild Weeds
Pink Elephant Heads

      It was difficult to decide what to name this video. Originally it was called "Power to the Flower" and that makes perfect sense since that's more or less the key line of the song, but the name I decided to go with is "Pink Elephant Heads" since that's the last line and climax of the song. In any case, there are lots of flowers in this video and they were shot near Cottonwood Pass and Kearsarge Pass in the Sierra Nevada range. Despite the unusual appearance of these flowers, they are surprisingly common. They are present throughout the Sierra Nevada Range and I've also seen them in Nevada and Utah. In fact, they grow naturally throughout the western states and most of Canada.

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This tiger lily flower also appears in the song!

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Flowers growing by the trail
Flowers by the stream
Flowers growing everywhere
Midsummer mountain dream

Energized by the sun
Refreshed by a shower
Nourishment from the ground
Power to the flower

Hiking down the trail some more
Much to my surprise
Pink elephant heads appear
Right before my eyes

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