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      People eat a lot of things on Thanksgiving Day. The list includes standard items such as turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, gravy, mashed or baked potatoes, as well as many somewhat optional items such as peas, carrots, corn, macaroni and cheese, rolls, cornbread, as well as various other vegetables not already mentioned. Additionally, some people substitute ham for turkey and there are several ways of preparing yams or sweet potatoes. On top of that vegans may serve turkey substitutes which may not be fully satisfying to people with traditional palates. However, all that being said, the one food which is nearly indispensable on Thanksgiving Day is pumpkin pie. There may be those who will argue that pecan or sweet potato or apple or even cherry pie might serve as acceptable stand-ins, but I believe most people will agree with me when I assert that there is no adequate replacement for pumpkin pie. BTW, there are some pretty good no bake and vegan versions of pumpkin pie worth trying!


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Turkey would be nice with
A fresh salad and tomatoes
Squash and broccoli and Brussels sprouts
And perhaps some sweet potatoes

But above all else we can't forget
Or fail to clarify
Thanksgiving Day is not complete
Without the pumpkin pie!

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