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Presidential Golf Cart Contest

      Presidents play a lot of golf. Whether or not any of them is any good at golf is an open question, but pretty much every president we've ever had spends a fair amount of time on the golf course hitting golf balls down the fairway and putting on the greens. Some argue that a round of golf is a good way of conducting an active meeting and that many people think better when they are moving and so golf is preferable to sitting in a room and not getting any exercise. Also golf is one of those things that people of different ability levels can participate in without any serious incompatibiity issues since it does not require a high level of physical fitness, agility, strength, or skill in order to take a turn whacking a ball with a club. Obviously a minimal amount of skill is necessary in order to avoid embarrassing oneself, but if all one is doing is playing a friendly round of golf in order to facilitate discussion, then no worries....


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They have a lot of golf clubs
You've seen them on the greens
Driving all around in those
Golf cart machines

We'd really like to know
Which one is the best
And so let's have a presidential
Golf cart contest

Obama's ride is stylish
And Clinton's in high gear
Trump just lost his toupee
And Bush has got the beer

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