Wild Weeds
Don't Mess With Putin

      Although politicians and the news media here in the USA have gone out of their way to demonize Vladimir Putin, all it takes is a little basic fact-checking to realize that all the claims they make against him are blatantly false. When it comes to fact-checking the principle of parsimony is key to identifying which representations of issues or events are the most reasonable and likely to be based on fact. The fewer assumptions required, the better. So, after listening to multiple perspectives regarding an issue or event and distancing oneself emotionally from the subject matter, it is usually easy to determine what is true, what is false, and what, as of yet, can not be reasonably determined. It is my contention at this time, based on the information I have sifted through, that our politicians and news media have either deliberately sought to deceive the American people regarding Putin or that they are horribly ignorant and have failed to correct their lack of understanding of the man and the country he represents.


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Some folks talk real tough, but they can't deliver
All you wannabe cowboys can Crimea river
As for politicians who can't handle the facts
Don't twist things around or try your character attacks

The powerful and rich might pay a hired gun
To do their dirty work and then go cower 'til it's done
You can make nasty threats or maybe come out shootin'
But if you have any common sense, you won't mess with Putin!

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