Wild Weeds
Racism Is Everywhere

      Claims about racism have become absurd in recent years. In fact, most of the social issues attributed to racism have nothing to do with racism. However, the so-called anti-racists have gone to extremes in their attempts to identify some phantom form of racism. A neutral analysis of their rhetoric yields the conclusion that they are suffering from some mental disorder which causes them to imagine that racism exists when that's clearly not the case. Of course, there are isolated individuals who may be racist to some extent, but racism is neither systemic nor pervasive. While that may have been the case a half century ago, we are far beyond that now. Any statistical inequality which persists can no longer be reasonably attributed to racism. That would be a false attribution and it would even be fair to say that those who claim that people of a certain race are automatically racist are the real racists. With that in mind please enjoy this sarcastic little song and feel free to laugh at the absurdity of some of the claims which have actually been made by so-called anti-racists!


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Math is racist
The sun is too
Same goes for the peanuts
That you get at the zoo
Vegetables are racist
So is the air
And please don't overlook
The clothes that you wear
Everything is racist
There can be no denying
And if you say something's not
Then you're a racist who is lying
Books are racist
And so are words and letters
Systemic and pervasive
And it's never getting better!
Racism - it's a fact of life
Racism - endless strife
Racism - here and there
Racism - is everywhere
Fake racism

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