Wild Weeds

      It's important to keep your eyes on the road and in this parody public service announcement about a very serious topic, drivers are cautioned not to allow themselves to become distracted while driving. Whether it's cute critters, a text message, an attention-grabbing billboard, or a spectacularly beautiful rainbow, each second that your eyes are off the road is a second in which disaster could strike. It only takes one careless moment for you to lose control of your car and for you to wind up in a fatal collision. Even if the accident doesn't prove to be fatal to yourself or someone else, the cost of repairs for your car and of medical care for yourself or others injured in the accident can be significant, especially if you happen to be uninsured. So remember: it's not just your life that you might put in danger when you take your eyes off the road!

(WARNING: This humorous parody public service announcement deals with a rather morbid and potentially disturbing topic.)


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Pretty things all around
In the sky and on the ground
Pretty things everywhere
But in case you don't know they do not care
If you live or if you die
But their pretty looks will attract your eye
It's the way it is, it's reality
So resist the urge to look and see!

It was a rainbow that distracted her
And made her crash into a tree
It was a rainbow that's all it took
And now she's history!

It may be a flower, it may be a bunny
Some oddly shaped clouds or a text from your honey
It doesn't really matter if you look or if you stare
Cuz pretty things are everywhere

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